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Cavalier's Roster Gets New Look After Trade Deadline

What was set to be another promising season after the additions of former stars, Isaiah Thomas, Derrick Rose and Dwayne Wade as well as lock down defender Jae Crowder and the crown jewel, the 2018 Net's first round pick (from Boston), soon took a turn. The Cavaliers franchise season started to look more like a dramatic soap opera than the 2016 NBA championship winning franchise. Whether it was Derrick Rose taking time from the season to question retirement or the accusations of Kevin Love faking an illness, the Cavaliers were certainly going through tough times. The biggest question has been Lebron James and whether or not he will stand by Cleveland or jump ship in the off-season. The Cleveland Cavaliers, who desperately want Lebron to stay, made one a big push at the trade deadline in an attempt to fix roster woes.

Jason Miller/Getty Images

On Feb 8, 2018 at 12:42 pm ET, it was reported that the Cleveland Cavaliers traded PG Isaiah Thomas, PF-C Channing Frye and their own 2018 top-three protected first round pick for guard Jordan Clarkson and PF Larry Nance Jr. Less than an hour later, Cleveland shipped forward Jae Crowder and PG Derrick Rose to the Utah Jazz and sent SG Iman Shumpert to Sacramento. Cleveland was received SG Rodney Hood from the Jazz and PG George Hill from the Kings. Moments later the Cavs sent Dwayne Wade back to Miami, where he played 13 seasons and won 3 rings, in exchange for a protected second round pick. Wade was believed to have been traded due to Head Coach Tyron Lue feeling he was the biggest locker room issue per Vince Grzegorek, Cavs insider.

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“The front office made changes that they felt best fit this franchise, and it’s time to go to work,” said star forward Lebron James on recent trades. Head Coach Tyron Lue had this to say after the final decisions were made: “There are going to be some peaks and valleys, but I’ve liked what we’ve done... I just know we’ll start playing good basketball at the right time when it matters going into the playoffs. I’m excited about the young guys we have. Putting it all together is going to be fun and it’s going to be a good ride.”

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Cleveland currently sits as the third seed in the Eastern Conference behind the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors. The new members of the Cavs are not expected to play in Friday's game versus the Atlanta Hawks.



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